Mineral King is known for its breathtaking views on its multitude of hikes! When you stay with us at Silver City you are just a few short miles from all of the trailheads in the Mineral King Valley. Whether you’re looking for crystal-clear lakes, adrenaline-pumping peaks, or awe-inspiring vantage points you will find them!


Beginner Hikes

If you have small children or just can’t put in the mileage you used to there are still a couple options for you as well!

Many people will hike the beginning of the Hockett Meadow Trail about a mile down to the bridge over the Kaweah River. During this short stretch you will see antique milling equipment and a few Giant Sequoias!

Another great option is the Nature Trail. This trail starts from the Cold Springs Campground and goes up to the Mineral King valley. This is a peaceful hike accompanied by the sound of the water running next to the path. Depending on the season, you may see wildflowers or the changing aspens!

Intermediate Hikes

The majority of people coming to stay at Silver City Mountain Resort will do a few day hikes during their stay. Here are a few of the most popular: Eagle Lake, White Chief, Paradise Ridge, and Monarch Lake. Most hikes in the area are moderate-strenuous in severity.

Eagle Lake: This lake is a popular destination for fly fishers and first-timers alike. It is 3.4 miles one way. This is a beautiful lake where snow can be seen a good part of the season.

White Chief Canyon: This trail starts from the same trailhead as Eagle and Mosquito Lakes but splits off part way through. This is one of the shorter hikes, 2.9 miles one way; however, it is steep in places. This is a local favorite as there is so much to see in the short hike: Meadows, Juniper Pine Trees, a peak, a small lake, and more!

Paradise Ridge: If you are looking to come across Giant Sequoias on the trail, this is your path! It is 3.7 miles to the ridge but you will see the majestic giants at about mile 2. Don’t stop there; the view at the top is worth the wait!

Monarch Lake: Monarch Lake is the gateway to Sawtooth, the famous peak in Mineral King. Many people do this hike as a day hike but a good majority of hikers going to Sawtooth use it as their resting point for the night before journeying on to the 12,343’ peak!

Advanced Hikes and Backpacking

If you’re more of an adventure-seeker or backpacking is your thing, Mineral King is the place to be! Many people will stay a couple nights at Silver City to get acclimated before trekking out and then return for a piece, or two, of our famous Silver City pie!

Sawtooth Peak: Sawtooth is the “big guy,” the famous peak that avid hikers seek to master! Although it is not technically the tallest peak in Mineral King it is very close at 12,343’ and more challenging than Florence Peak. Most people do this is two days, camping at Monarch Lake and tackling the peak the next day.

Florence Peak: This is the tallest peak in Mineral King coming in at 12,438’ elevation! Many people overnight it at Franklin Lakes as the lakes are just below the peak and are a beautiful destination!

Hockett Meadow: Although this hike is not overly difficult it is on the longer side at approximately 10 miles one way. You can access it from both Cold Springs and Atwell Mill campgrounds. There are two campsites and a ranger station at the meadow and then other destinations like: Evelyn Lake, Hockett Lakes, and Homer’s Nose fairly nearby.

Homer’s Nose: This is not for the faint of heart! Not many have ventured here.