Check-in & Check-out:

We ask that guests arrive after 3pm. Checkout time is before 12 noon. If you are departing early or Sunday between 10am and 11am please check out the day prior with the front desk. Thank you for understanding and coming to the desk to checkout, we enjoy seeing each of our mountain friends before they depart.


All reservations require a 50% deposit upon making the reservation. If cancelled 60 days prior to the reservation, an 80% refund may be obtained. If you must change your reservation dates please let us know by phone at least 30 days in advance.  Management will try their best to be flexible and move your reservation to a new date.  If reservations are cancelled within 60 days of the reservation you are liable for 100% of the reservation. No shows are also liable for 100% of their reservations. Being a small boutique resort last minute cancellations can hurt us very much. Thank you for your understanding.

Minimum Stay:

Silver City Resort has a two night minimum stay policy. For holiday weekends we have a three night minimum stay policy. However, this policy is flexible and many times we allow one night stays during the week or if there is a one night gap. One night stays are only bookable by phone. Call reservations at (559) 561-3223.


WiFi Use:

We are an off-grid resort in an secluded area. Due to this we have limited WiFi access. It does not reach the cabins and is only available in the main Restaurant/Lodge deck area. We ask that you are not downloading, streaming, or video calling as it significantly drains our bandwidth and affects other guests' use along with our ability to do our payment processing, reservations, and more. We appreciate your understanding and hope you can come relax, enjoy the mountain, and take a break from your work with us!


Cabin Items To Remember:

We provide all guests with bedding, towels, and a fully stocked kitchen–if applicable–upon arrival. Please remember that Silver City Mountain Resort is a boutique resort operating off of the power grid. As such we have limited resources for washing linens; thus we do not provide daily housekeeping services. While you are here please make your cabin your home! Some additional items to remember are flashlights, hiking boots, warm clothing, and food if the restaurant is closed or if you do not plan on eating in the restaurant. Last but not least please do not forget to bring a good camera to capture the beauty of the High Sierras!


Please respect the interior and exterior of the cabins in terms of cleanliness including, but not limited to: dishes, trash, and exterior property. We consider Silver City Mountain Resort a treasure within the Sequoia National Park and ask that you help us treat it as such as well. If we find that your cabin was left in a less than satisfactory way there will be an additional cleaning fee charged to your account of a minimum of $25. Thank you for understanding and choosing to respect our cabins, property, and staff. We look forward to your arrival.


Smoking is a right of choice issue, however in the State of California it is illegal to smoke in any public building (minimal exceptions). This is no different at Silver City. Please understand that while we recognize your right to smoke, we also recognize our right to courtesy. Please smoke where the smoke does not go into the cabins and if at all possible make sure the smoke does not disturb any guests. You are more than welcome to start a campfire in the main resort campfire pit and smoke around it. If you have any questions please ask the staff.


The issue with pets is a gray area. Since we are within the Sequoia National Park, adventures while traveling with pets are extremely limited. They cannot be on any of the trails nor left unattended in vehicles while you are out hiking. As for their limitations at the resort they cannot be on any of the cabin furniture nor can they be left unattended in our cabins. We have bears and mountain lions in the area so wildlife is also an issue.

Locals will occasionally bring their leashed dogs to sit with them while they eat on the deck, but other than that they cannot do much.

The managers have dogs that live “free-range” on the property, so playing well with others is a must as well. Please let us know when you arrive that you have your dog with you so we can do a "Pack Walk" with our dogs to ensure they all will get along well. (This is important).

If you are still interested in bringing your pet, please let management know ahead of time and understand that Silver City Mountain Resort and its employees will not be held liable in any circumstance if your pet is injured or causes injury to property, persons, or pets; the pet owner will be 100% liable. That being said, any damages done or additional indoor or outdoor cleaning needed after your pet’s stay will be charged to your credit card. There is also a $25 per night per dog fee as well.

Given all of that, we do not recommend bringing any pets. However, if you decide to do so let us know.


Thank you: 

Thank you very much for your understanding, these items listed above allow us to serve you and other guests like you to the best of our ability. They also allow us to stay in business and continue being a quiet and beautiful secret in the Sierra Nevada's. Please feel free to direct any questions, comments or concerns to