The issue with pets is a gray area. Since we are within the Sequoia National Park, adventures while traveling with pets are extremely limited. They cannot be on any of the trails nor left unattended in vehicles while you are out hiking. As for their limitations at the resort they cannot be on any of the cabin furniture nor can they be left unattended in our cabins. We have bears and mountain lions in the area so wildlife is also an issue.

Locals will occasionally bring their dogs leashed to sit with them while they eat on the deck, but other than that they cannot do much.

The managers have dogs that live “free-range” on the property, so playing well with others is a must as well.

If you are still interested in bringing your pet, please let management know ahead of time and understand that Silver City Mountain Resort and its employees will not be held liable in any circumstance if your pet is injured or causes injury to property, persons, or pets; the pet owner will be 100% liable. That being said, any damages done or additional indoor or outdoor cleaning needed after your pet’s stay will be charged to your credit card.

Given all of that, we do not recommend bringing any pets. We look forward to having you stay with us!