4 Reasons To Try Fly Fishing At Silver City Mountain Resort

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DSC_8097_20.jpgWhat’s our angle on anglers? Cast your curiosities and get your need-to-know fly fishing information here!

When you’re considering booking with Silver City Mountain Resort, we know you’re up for a little adventure — our luxury cabins are glamping at its finest, so you can enjoy the great outdoors, but come back to cozy and inviting accommodations! 

The property is situated in California’s sequoia country, touting the best outdoor fun you can find — from mountain biking and hiking to fly fishing — we can scratch that outdoor adventure itch!

Curious to try fly fishing? Silver City Mountain Resort can make it happen! Dive into the many reasons you should give fly fishing a try!


Fly Fishing Fun At Silver City Mountain Resort

When it comes to the area surrounding Silver City Mountain Resort, outdoor activities including fly fishing reign supreme. And if fly fishing has ever piqued your interest, this is a haven for it. 


DSC_8101_20.jpgUnexpected Destinations

Fly fishing lands you in some of the most glorious areas Mother Nature has, and Mineral King Creek in California is no different. Situated in a beautiful meadow valley, the area has a lush landscape surrounded by peaks and sequoia trees. 

If you’re looking for a remote place that helps you disconnect from the daily hustle and bustle, fly fishing is the perfect activity to take up. 


Fly Fishing is Challenging

While fly fishing is relaxing, it also requires you to think more methodically. Over time, you learn about the river, the bugs that hatch, and the feeding patterns of fish. You also have to understand what fly will catch certain species of fish and where your fly needs to hit in order to catch a trout. 

Here are a few tips for beginners:

  • The color of a fly plays a large role in how you’ll catch a specific type of fish
  • Weather conditions and the season determine what flies you’ll use
  • Never fish upstream to downstream
  • Polarized sunglasses help you see fish in the water
  • Fish where fish like to hide — in front of or behind rocks or on the side of a current 


DSC_8192_20.jpgFly Fishing Gets Physical

There are some who enjoy a good trail run for physical activity, but if you’d rather do something a bit more laid back, fly fishing burns calories in a killer workout! 

From wading up and down a creek and walking into strong currents to keeping your balance in underwater terrain, fly fishing is a great workout. Not only are you working your legs, but casting your rod gives you a great arm workout as well! 


Amazing Views

Fly fishing offers some very unique views that only wading the river can give you. When you hike along a trail, you get finite views, but when you’re in the middle of the river, you get glimpses of the wilderness you just can’t when you’re following a trail. The access is unparalleled — you may even spot a moose or soaring eagle!


DSC_8288_20.jpgFly Fishing With The Locals

This is your sign — book with Silver City Mountain Resort and take advantage of the amazing fly fishing offers that are available through one of our most trusted fly fishing partners! The local guides we’ve partnered with know the area intimately and have been guiding angler enthusiasts for more than a decade. 

Explore some of the lesser-known and “locals only” fly fishing terrain where rainbow, golden, and brook trout reside. 

A day or two in the water with our fly fishing guides will help prepare you for a fun and relaxing hobby down the line! 

Ready to try fly fishing? Get more information when you connect with Silver City Mountain Resort today!    


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