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What’s not to love about escaping to a getaway amongst the Sequoias?!

Are you guilty of too much screen time? It’s almost impossible to avoid, especially in today’s climate as more and more of us work from home and rely on technology — no longer is it keeping up with the Joneses, it’s keeping up with the emails, Zoom meetings, and then if you’re not totally spent, your social media accounts. 

Do you dare to unplug? Silver City Mountain Resort provides respite for the screen-weary who needs to get away from it all. Learn more about the benefits of unplugging and how Silver City Mountain Resort can help in today’s post!+


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Ties To Technology

Unless you’re intentional about taking time away from screens, there’s a good chance you’re spending eight or more hours every day in front of them. 

From being at a computer for your job, you then go home to watch TV, pay bills online, video chat with friends and family, and then spend hours scrolling through your social media feeds — at the end of the day, your devices are essentially an extension of yourself. 

It’s not that technology doesn’t make our lives easier or provide much-needed entertainment, but it’s important to stay balanced, which means even our screen time needs to be done in moderation!


The Impact Of Technology

There is probably a good chance that you know exactly the impact that technology is having on our physical and emotional health — it seems like there is a new article out every day — yet when do we heed the call to unplug? The more we’re plugged in, the more we’re likely to suffer from its impact. 

Things like inactivity, insomnia, vision issues, and even the inability to express empathy are the effects of too much screen time.  


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 4 Considerations Of Unplugging

If you’re feeling the effects of a technology overload, do yourself a favor and get ahead of it, and, if you have to, force yourself to unplug! Here’s a gentle reminder of how screen-free time is greatly beneficial. 

Stress & Anxiety Become More Manageable

Sometimes adulting feels like one big stress and anxiety fest — though we’ll probably always be confronted with this dynamic duo, there are ways to lessen and better support your emotional wellness.

And, you guessed it, unplugging can help! Give your parasympathetic system and brain a reboot, when you give them space to process and recover without the daily bombardment of emails, news alerts, binging TV, etc — slow down, unwind, relax, and unplug. 

Reconnect With The Natural World

Some out there may love living in the concrete jungle, while others make getting outdoors a priority, but the question that needs to be asked is, If you are enjoying Mother Nature, are you doing it sans technology?

How many go outside just to take a picture for social media? 

The next time you reconvene with the natural world, disconnect with technology. Breathe in the fresh air and revel in the scenery, all while doing it unplugged. 

Prioritize YOU

It’s easy to go down the rabbit hole of social media — from checking up on an ex to seeing a party your friends were at (and you weren’t invited) — that can all be too much and take its toll. 

Even at work, you often wear the hats of mediator, caregiving, people pleaser, etc., and all these roles take from you. It’s vital that all these depletions are restored, or burnout will begin to surface.  

Prioritize your general well-being and practice self-care through unplugging — stop worrying about them, and worry about you!

Become More Engaged

Too much technology can elicit surviving over thriving — many facets of your life begin to suffer. When you unplug there’s a good chance you’ll be more productive and focused, you’ll also likely sleep better and your health will improve. 

Unplugging allows you to become more engaged, and as a result, your physical and emotional health gets better. 


Retreat & Unplug With Silver City Mountain Resort

Silver City Mountain Resort makes transitioning to a tech-free environment pretty effortless. If unplugging doesn’t come naturally, we’re sure our accommodations provide some major incentives!

From the myriad of hiking and biking you can do on some of California’s best trails, to serene fly fishing spots, that’s just the beginning of what we can offer. 

Our grounds also have an amazing restaurant that features local farmers for a true farm-to-table cuisine — relax and unwind with a beer and healthy and satisfying comfort food. 


Featured Cabins

For the ultimate screen-free getaway, Silver City Mountain Resort has three cabins that will be well worth your stay. 

Franklin Pass, Hockett Meadow, and Paradise Ridge all have large soaking tubs, sprawling decks, and views that cannot be missed! 


Ready to get away and unplug? Book today with Silver City Mountain Resort!

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