3 Reasons to Get to Silver City, CA This Fall!

Posted on September 17, 2019 in

3 Reasons to Get to Silver City, CA This Fall!.jpg

Nestled at the lower end of Mineral King Valley, Silver City is the only destination you need this fall!

When we think of fall destinations we think of Michigan's upper peninsula, the Adirondaks, or Aspen, CO, but burrowed in a remote part of Sequoia National Park is Silver City. Get transported back to another time and take the windy road built in the 1800s with a climb of 7,000 vertical feet — from blind curves to hairpin drop-offs you'll want to take your time!

But once you're amongst the old, wise timber, it's worth it.

At Silver City Mountain Resort, fall is the intersection of where we exchange a faced-paced warm summer, for a slower, hibernation. Fall is a magical time at Silver City Mountain Resort, so if you're ready to go off the grid and fully experience the autumnal season, you'll want to do it with us!

Why Silver City Mountain Resort This Fall?

Fall. It's the time of year where whether or not we subscribe to the ethereal, we all feel it — it's magic. It's waking up in the dark and tip-toeing across the cold wood floor to make coffee that warms your soul, or bundling up and watching how the leaves change.

Silver City Mountain Resort is no different, in fact, it's that fall getaway you've always wanted to take.

So, why make the trek up the wild dirt road this fall?

Escape the distractions of modern life.

At Silver City Mountain Resort, there is a good chance that you'll be left without cell service. This is the perfect chance to really melt into the fall season and slow down. This is the place to unwind and reconnect with all your senses — the fresh air will smell amazing, the changing leaves will delight, hearing nothing but the birds chirping, and feeling the brisk breeze will bring you back. You're grounded and centered here.

intext 13.jpgCatch the best of fall foliage.

Silver City Moutain Resort has all the fall foliage. Amongst the sequoia are other deciduous trees that create the picturesque nostalgia of fall we all love — the yellows, reds, and oranges that light up the landscape.

There are so many places at Silver City Mountain Resort to catch the fall foliage, and chances are, you'll get breathtaking views from the deck of your cabin! If you want a more up close and personal experience, Mineral King is a great place to hike and see the fall colors or you can travel the long-forgotten roads lined with the best of fall in Silver City.

Get cozy!

Fall marks the time of year when hibernating and getting cozy is a must! Begin to slow and wrap up in a blanket, sit by our outdoor bonfire, sip the fall-worthy glass of red, and stargaze. Get lost. Dream.

The fall weather in Silver City is also a reprieve from the hot summer temperatures that people just want to escape! If 60s and 70s beckons you, grab your flannel, boots, and beanie and cozy into all the cool, crisp weather.

Silver City Moutain Resort is your fall getaway! Connect with us today to book your cabin and experience this season in a new, magical way!