8 Tips To Prepare For Your Paradise Ridge Hike

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Relax, check out of big city living, and surround yourself in nature at Silver City Mountain Resort!

Silver City Mountain Resort is a place to slow — to pause. Have you ever noticed when you go on vacation it takes you a couple of days to really sink into relaxing while untangling the work hustle? To stop thinking about the emails you’re receiving or the meetings you’re missing?

We get it. We get that you need time to adjust to simply just being!

At Silver City Mountain Resort, we’re here to bring nature to you so you can reconnect, slow down, and escape the typical hustle and bustle of your 9 to 5, and the Paradise Ridge hike may just be the remedy you need! Learn more about this adventure into the timber in today’s post! 

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Experience Mother Nature From Silver City Mountain Resort

Intext 1.jpgPeople connect with Silver City Mountain Resort because it encompasses the great outdoors in so many beautiful ways — from the mountain community that makes this getaway so unique to the locally sourced food and beverage we offer in our restaurant — the spirit of Mother Nature resides here! Silver City Mountain Resort is the perfect home base to explore the great outdoor adventures that envelop the area. So, book a couple of nights (or more) and spend your days seeking the sequoias.

Paradise Ridge Hike

The Paradise Ridge trail is a moderate six-mile hike near the Three Rivers area with an elevation gain of 1,919 feet on an out-and-back trail. The best time to take in the beauty of the Paradise Ridge Trail is April through November. People love this hike because it gives you a chance to breathe in fresh mountain air, stretch your legs (especially after a long flight or road trip), and enjoy picturesque views — amongst them, hidden sequoia trees!

Intext 2.jpgAbout Elevation Gain

If you’re new to hiking or don’t understand what the elevation gain is referring to, this is an important piece to consider before selecting your hike! Oftentimes people look at the mileage and think, “oh, six miles, I can do that,” yet don’t factor in the elevation gain. So, to help you prepare, let’s explore what an elevation gain really means.

Elevation Gain Explained

An elevation gain is the amount of climbing you’ll experience on the trek you’re taking. It’s always important to factor the length of the hike and how it correlates to the elevation gain. For example, if the distance is only three miles but has an elevation gain of 1,700 feet, you may quickly join in an elevation sufferfest! With an elevation gain of 1,919 feet over six miles in the Paradise Ridge trail, this has some challenging climbs, but nothing you can’t get through! Now that we know what to expect hiking the Paradise Ridge Trail, let’s explore more tips on how to prepare for this outdoor adventure!



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8 Tips For Hiking Paradise Ridge

While hiking requires minimal gear and is not complicated to understand, it’s important to know a few tips before embarking into the wilderness.

Icon 3.pngAvoid hiking alone.

Unless you’re a seasoned hiker or runner and you know your way around a map and varying topography, it’s important to always hike with a buddy. This way you have each other and can better figure out together the best course of action should you get lost or injured.

Icon 2.pngLet people know where you’re going.

Whether you’re solo or hiking with a group, it’s vital to always let someone know where you’re going — what hike you’re doing and the approximate time you plan to return. And, for added safety, pack a cell phone with you (switch it on airplane mode). This way, if you need emergency services, you’re more likely to get help sooner when you have a cell phone.

Icon 1.pngResearch the hike.

It’s crucial to have an idea of where you’re going, so you can avoid getting lost — don’t just depend on the trail markings because they’re not always clearly marked! Another tip, don’t always trust cairns! A cairn is stacked rocks that were once used to help mark a trail, but have since been taken over by people who think it’s neat to stack rocks — hiker beware! This is why you should read the map before you head out!

Icon 4.pngInvestigate the weather.

While the weather around Paradise Ridge is pretty consistent April through November, there could be a chance of rain and possibly even a light dusting of snow in the later fall months, which makes it important to anticipate the weather forecast the day you plan to hike. The morning may be beautiful and sunny, while a storm may roll through mid-afternoon, and if you’re not prepared, it could turn into a real issue. Beyond just rain, you could run into lightening which is dangerous if you’re in an exposed area of the trail.

Icon 5.pngPack a day bag.

Even though six miles doesn’t seem too long, being prepared is always better than the alternative! Pack snacks, water, layers of clothing, and even toilet paper! A quick word on the leave no trace ethics of the outdoors: If you do end up going to the bathroom in the woods, pack a plastic bag and pack out the used TP and discard it after your hike. Then cover the area as much as you can and dig a hole if you’re able. Where should you go? This is a frequently asked question and the best gauge is to go out approximately 70 steps from the trail and any water source, or roughly 200 feet.

Icon 6.pngLeave No Trace

We briefly mentioned this above, but this concept is a non-negotiable when it comes to being in the wilderness — it’s important that people can enjoy the great outdoors long after you’re there! This means packing out ALL of your trash, cigarette butts included. It also means staying on the designated trail and not tromping over local flora and fauna to get to another point of interest.

Icon 7.pngDon’t be disruptive.

Over the last couple of years, companies have come out with mini blue tooth speakers that allow you to listen to your music virtually everywhere — including hiking trails. While it’s fine to use these in your own personal space, don’t be disruptive and use them while hiking! Not everyone wants to hear Taylor Swift’s latest album, and most want to enjoy the stillness and some peace and quiet, so please, be respectful.

Icon 8.pngHave fun!

The Paradise Ridge hike is a place to get out and enjoy nature — it’s not a race to the top or a competition — so, relax, wind down and have fun! Strike up conversations with people on the trail and really step back and revel in the scenery and good company!

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