The Ultimate Guide to Planning an Outdoor Wedding

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Silver City Mountain Resort is the best backdrop for any outdoor wedding!

The great outdoors, especially in Silver City, provide a picturesque backdrop to celebrate the exchanging of vows and celebration, which is what makes Silver City Mountain Resort the perfect wedding venue!

Are you planning an outdoor wedding to celebrate your upcoming nuptials? At Silver City Mountain Resort, we’ll help you cover all your bases and plan the ultimate outdoor wedding in today’s post!


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What to Know Before Planning an Outdoor Wedding

While wedding planning is no cake walk — people even hire full-time wedding planners — an outdoor wedding, as beautiful and charming as it may be, comes with a few caveats that are important to recognize and consider when using the outdoors as the backdrop to your big day.

Let’s dive into all the details that will get your day off without a hitch so you can get hitched!


Icon 17.pngAlways have a plan B!

What could go wrong with an outdoor wedding? Well, the thing is, Mother Nature is on her own schedule, which means in Silver City on your big day, there could be rain, wind, or even snow that could put a kink in your wedding day plans. This is why coordinating a plan B with Silver City Mountain Resort is always a good idea!

Renting tents may be the perfect compromise — it not only provides cover from the hot sun in the summer, but you can also have portable fans and AC units, and if it’s in colder seasons, propane heaters.


Icon 18.pngPlan your hairstyle around the outdoors.

The thing about having an indoor wedding is you can control just about anything, but outside, there are so many variables! Think about what the weather may bring and create a weather-proof hairstyle.

Wind can always be a factor, so wearing it down may not be ideal — you’ll want photos where you can see yourself and not just hair!

Humidity and heat can also become an issue — you don’t want your favorite hairstyle going flat 30 minutes into the ceremony.

Talk with your hairstylist and come up with a solution that both combats what the weather may bring and one that will look amazing.


Icon 19.pngTry an outfit change!

Both you and your partner may want to change after the initial ceremony depending on what season you’re getting married in. Hot summer temperatures in Silver City can make for an unusually hot wedding gown and tux situation, especially when you go to boogie on the dance floor! Instead of drowning in the heat, consider changing into lighter fare for the reception!


Icon 20.pngConsider a shorter wedding dress.

Because Silver City Mountain resort is rugged luxury, the property is a series of dirt roads. So, if you don’t mind a floor-length gown getting dirty as you waltz around the property, then no worries. But, if you’d like it to stay clean, try a shorter length wedding dress such as an ankle or below-the-knee cut.


Icon 21.pngThe right shoes will make all the difference!

At Silver City Mountain Resort, we’re tucked amongst the sequoias and we’re in the thick of nature away from the noise of the city and under a clear blanket of stars — which means there are no paved roads, so walking in stilettos or heels for that matter may prove difficult!

It’s important to choose wedding-day shoes that you can not only walk down the aisle in, but also some that are safe! Popular options are wedges, flats, and cowboy boots!

It’s also important to let your guests know what the venue is like, so they too can plan for the perfect pair of shoes.


Icon 22.pngConsider Pest Control

Bugs can ruin your big day — you don’t want people to remember how many mosquito bites they had! Talk to Silver City Mountain Resort about how together you can tackle insects and bugs that might want to make an appearance! While spraying the venue may not be an option, you could always talk about citronella candles or essential oils that help ward off pests!


Icon 23.pngKeep your guests hydrated!

If you’re planning an outdoor wedding in the spring or summer at Silver City Mountain Resort, it’s vital that there is enough water to drink. Between people drinking alcohol, warm temperatures, and breaking a sweat dancing, water is essential — people get parched! Ensure there is enough ice water to keep your guests hydrated.


Icon 24.pngUse the beauty of Silver City Mountain Resort to your advantage!

Silver City Mountain Resort is abundant in natural beauty — between the towering sequoias and fresh greenery, it is the perfect backdrop to any outdoor wedding. Use its natural charm and enhance it with white string lights, lanterns, and floral arrangements that really bring out the outdoor surroundings.

With a few considerations when planning an outdoor wedding, we’re sure it will be just as lovely as you imagined. When you factor in potential weather changes and consider how you may need to adjust your wedding gown, hairstyles, and shoe selection, it’ll only make your outdoor wedding more comfortable, thus memorable.


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Planning an Outdoor Wedding at Silver City Mountain Resort

Silver City Mountain Resort is the premier outdoor wedding venue for an intimate gathering! We have luxury cabins that can accommodate the whole wedding party and guest list! From the quaint Franklin Pass cabin that accommodates two to Sawtooth that sleeps up to eight! Take a peek at all of our luxury lodging.


To learn more about how we can make your outdoor wedding a reality, connect with us today!