6 Benefits Of Planning An Intimate Outdoor Wedding

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Leaning towards a small wedding gathering?


Intimate weddings have always been regarded, even before the pandemic. They come with a host of advantages and ensure a wedding filled with fun, and they’re truly something that is completely you. 


Silver City Mountain Resort would love to accommodate your small wedding — with a variety of on-site luxury cabins and the best setting that nature has to offer, tying the knot here is an experience to remember. Learn more about the benefits in today’s post. 



Intimate Outdoor Weddings At Silver City Mountain Resort


Weddings are a lot, they just are, and, at the end of the day what newlyweds come to understand is that it isn’t about having everything perfect or that a mistake in centerpieces will not ruin the whole thing. What matters are the memories and the people you share it with. 


This is exactly why people are opting for small, intimate weddings — pandemic or not. Who really needs their mom’s boss or the neighbor that you grew up with for six months when you were five to show up on your special day? 


The wedding guest can be complicated, but it’s your day and likely your dollar, so invite the friends and family who have your back and have supported you throughout. When you trim the guest list and elect an intimate gathering there are so many benefits that follow it. 




icon_5.pngEverything becomes more memorable.


An intimate wedding at Silver City Mountain Resort allows you to tailor the wedding to exactly your preferences — you can hold it amongst the Sequoias, in nature, in a place that is special to you. 


It’s the little details that you can cover that make the experience so meaningful to your guests. You can plan and pay for a fly fishing expedition after the wedding to relax and enjoy your time with the people who came to your wedding or leave little goodie bags in their cabins such as a bottle of local wine or fun bath soaks and bath bombs for a spa-like experience to relax and unwind in.  


icon_5.pngMore Time


At grandiose weddings with a toppling guest list, more time is spent in a processional line greeting and talking to guests that you may very well have never met or it’s been years since you’ve seen. It lacks authenticity and really is a time burglar for your special day. 


This is a chance to really make the time you all have together, count. Maybe you and your friends love dancing — this provides you the opportunity to really cut a rug without having to worry that you won’t be able to interact with all the guests. You can have your cake and eat it too! 


When your guest list is small and only the most important people are there, you can have real conversations and genuinely catch up with the people you love. You have the time to connect, and this is priceless.


icon_5.pngYour reception can be anywhere.


When you opt for a small intimate wedding at Silver City Mountain Resort, you can celebrate all weekend long and have a larger reception at another time to accommodate more people. The great thing about a wedding on our grounds is that fun doesn’t end after the wedding. Guests can stay and you can plan a whole itinerary of hiking, wine tasting, or a National Park tour of the sequoias as an extension of your big day. 


Smaller Wedding, Smaller Budget


If you want to go beyond a wedding budget that has to calculate the cost-per-guest to stay on budget, an intimate wedding is a perfect alternative. With smaller weddings, you don’t have to spend a fortune on the little things that can add up when you have a large guest list. Things like porta potty rentals or paying for an open bar with 200 thirsty guests. Instead, you can focus your money on fun little extras for guests or more meaningful details that will make your small wedding more enjoyable. 


Stress Less


The staff at Silver City Mountain Resort has your back in wedding planning, and the more intimate it is, the less you have to stress. Worried about decorations? No sweat. We are in one of the most picturesque areas in California, so much so, that many guests use Mother Nature as their backdrop — no decorations required! 


We also have an amazing on-site restaurant with local food prepared by our world-class chef. You can simply have your wedding ceremony, and waltz into the restaurant to enjoy great food afterward.  


You can splurge on the things you really want. 


Perhaps your wedding at Silver City Mountain Resort is a destination wedding and you want to get a couple of cabins for your guests — having a small wedding, you can do this. Or, if you really want a special dining option, you can splurge on that. A small wedding allows for more wiggle room in your budget, and the money can be spent more on the overall experience with the people you want to celebrate with. 


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Host An Intimate Outdoor Wedding With Silver City Mountain Resort


Are you looking for an intimate wedding space for you and a small group of your friends and family? And do you love the Californian wilderness with towering timber and beautiful clear night skies? Well then, Silver City Mountain Resort is your place!   


Learn more about how we can craft an intimate outdoor wedding for you! Call today!