Silver City Mountain Resort — The Oasis You Need Amongst Uncertainty

Posted on October 15, 2020 in


This season has been a lot like the wild corners you take to get to our property — everchanging with unexpected twists and turns!

The ripples of the pandemic have been felt, and we at Silver City Mountain Resort intimately feel the burnout, exhaustion, and stress and anxiety we’re all feeling on both a collective and individual level. Can we just hit pause for a second?

This is a difficult time. Our perseverance and resiliency can only be stretched so much, while it’s teetering on the edge. While we can’t solve the major issues we’ve been experiencing, we can do what we do best — provide an oasis and a momentary pause from everything external. If you need to retreat and are in need of a safe and comfortable cocoon, Silver City Mountain Resort is the destination to nestle amongst the towering timber and stare into the clear night sky.

Silver City Mountain Resort is the refuge in Northern California that you likely know you need, but are afraid to get it on the books. So, this is that gentle nudge, book one of our beautiful luxury cabins to escape and recharge, if only for a night or two!


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The Burnout, Compliments Of 2020

We didn’t know what 2020 held until the pandemic hit, and then we began operating in what psychologist Ann Masten describes as our “surge capacity” — drawing from a range of both mental and physical adaptive systems for short-term survival. Because that’s what this was right, a short-term stressful event?

And now, here we are, at the end of 2020. This supposedly short-term survival situation has now lengthened and is chronic. This is the part where people’s mental health has been on the decline, work productivity has diminished, Zoom meetups are more stressful than connective, and your third and fourth shift as a caretaker and educator has become crippling.

There’s nowhere to run and you feel trapped — your house is no longer your haven but instead, it’s an office, school, gym, and restaurant.

No wonder we’re all spent.

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Recharging, Rebuilding, And Restoring Ourselves

If you’re raising your hand to burnout, stress, exhaustion, and a whole host of other emotional concerns (anxiety, depression, panic, etc.), planning something and looking forward to something is a great place to begin tending to your internal landscape that is fried.

A weekend retreat or vacation getaway is in order and Silver City Mountain Resort is the perfect host! If getting away from the hustle and bustle sounds like a dream, we’re the weaver!


Certainty In Unpredictability

Everything has been uncertain, but Silver City Mountain Resort has its staples.


Our Restaurant

Nourish your soul and your stomach when you dine at our restaurant. With ingredients sourced from local farms, you get a fresh fare that is delicious and comforting. Try our world-famous pie and California wine and beer you can enjoy during happy hour or pair it with a grass-fed beef burger!


Luxury cabins.jpgLuxury Cabins

Unwind in a soaking tub, relax at a bonfire under the stars, or nap in a cabin that is private, secluded, and set between the towering timber. Enjoy a quaint cabin with your partner or bring your entire family for a little rest and relaxation — our largest cabin can accommodate eight guests.

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Peace And Quiet

Silver City Mountain Resort is not the kind of retreat that’s in the woods but also off the main road, we’re remote. There is no buzzing of traffic and the skies are clear. You get peace and quiet where the only sounds are nature.



Outdoor therapy is real — it evokes introspection that helps facilitate change, not to mention you’re under some of the oldest, wisest trees, the Sequoias. You’ll begin to feel your stress and anxiety lift and benefit from restored mental energy, reduced inflammation, and a surge in creativity, just from going outside.

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A Different Environment

Silver City Mountain Resort is a change of scenery and changes up your daily routine, which can be so invigorating if you do most of your life at home, in one place. You’re able to escape city life and settle into a place that is slower, and very likely more relaxing!

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Schedule Some Sanity Today!

This is the time to give yourself a break, to soften and slow down. Silver City Mountain Resort is the perfect place for a retreat that can leave you feeling recharged. A place to breathe deep and pause. We invite you to come and enjoy our amazing restaurant, luxury cabins, and unparalleled peace and quiet. Step out into nature and go for a hike or do restorative yoga on the balcony in the California rays!

Our 2021 calendar is booking up fast, so this is the time to finally give yourself the time you need. Schedule today!