The Ultimate Guide To Sequoia Country (Part Two)

Posted on June 13, 2019 in

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Try something new, go on, rebel against Disney, whiny kids, and California traffic and embark on an adventure with Silver City Mountain Resort!


In part one, we touched on the importance of slowing and finding pause amongst the hustle culture. And guess what, Silver City Mountain Resort provides the perfect refuge to help clear your mind and awaken your spirit.


The Best Experiences Near Silver City Mountain Resort


Giant Forest


Sequoia National Park is known for it’s impressively towering trees, and Giant Forest doesn’t disappoint. Named by the famed naturalist John Muir in 1875. With over 8,000 sequoias, General Sherman is perhaps the superstar of them all!


Taking time with these trees is an otherworldly experience — they hold so much life and wisdom, and walking with them helps us reconnect and slow down.


General Sherman


General Sherman is the world’s — the worlds! — largest tree, and it’s one of those experiences you can’t quite comprehend until you see it in person. The pictures just don’t do it justice. There are two trails you can take to visit General Sherman, and explore further by taking a connecting trail that leads you into some of the best lush meadows Sequoia National Park has to offer!


Mineral King Valley - Sequoia National Park


intext 2 - sequoia.jpgMineral King Valley holds some of the best hiking and biking trails in Sequoia National Park at an elevation that challenges the best outdoor enthusiasts! Some of the best trails include:


  • Monarch Lakes
  • Crystal Lake
  • Timber Gap
  • Franklin Lakes
  • White Chief Trail
  • Eagle and Mosquito Lakes


Sequoia National Park is the heartbeat of what makes Silver City Mountain Resort such a magical place — you can explore the depths of roaring rivers, wise, old trees, and stunning geology all in a day and return to peace and relaxation in the evening.


Sequoia National Park is always recommended when you stay with us at Silver City Mountain Resort, but there are plenty more things to do.


If you want to stay a little closer to home, Boston Hill in Silver City just might be the fun you’ve been seeking.


Boston Hill


The California Gold Rush was the pinnacle of Silver City where not only gold, but copper and silver were mined in areas such as Adonis Pits, luck Separation Mill, King Bolt Pit, and Boston Hill.


These are now historic spots that have transformed the once-popular mining town into a hiking destination. Hike or bike Boston Hill trail system and get the locals view of Silver City.  


Highway 152


Driving may not be your idea of a tourist destination or fun, California experience, but Highway 152 cultivates a nostalgia you won’t want to miss.


Hit the road between Truth and Consequences (it’s all in the name, right?!) and Silver City and along the way you’ll hit old mining towns such as Hillsboro and Kingston. Each town has abandoned buildings, relics of the past, that are straight from the 19th century mining times.


Make this trek relaxing and spirited — pack a picnic full of the region’s organic produce and local California wine and pull over and take in the sunset.  


Silver City Mountain Resort is the ideal place to book your next vacation and see California in a whole new way!


Relax and unwind with us and with nature! Book your Silver City adventure getaway today!