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You’re living and working in the same space, likely with your partner right beside you. It’s a lot! And, if you haven’t felt confined or had a case (or multiple) of cabin fever, count yourself lucky! We’re months into life in the time of a global pandemic, and it’s summer! Normal activities such as jet setting to far off locations or camping deep in the heart of Mother Nature has changed. 


Find your summer reprieve at Silver City Mountain Resort and plan a surprise summer getaway today! Get some much-needed work/life balance and escape into the towering sequoias and reconnect in a meaningful way. 



Anywhere But Home



Ditching your current surroundings may be the best thing for your mental health and your relationship — a little self-care goes a long way. Silver City Mountain Resort is just the place! Sitting right outside Sequoia National Park in California, you get a change of scenery away from the city, giving you a proper summer getaway — and the surprise is the cherry on top! 


You don’t need any sort of excuse or occasion to plan a surprise getaway!



Planning a Surprise Getaway



Considering you may be spending almost every waking moment with your partner, you’ll have to be extra stealthy when planning this trip!


First things first, do you want the entire trip to be a surprise or just the destination? 


Keeping just the destination a secret is a little more doable — it’s exciting for the other person and ushers some much-needed excitement and anticipation. It also waves awkward conversations or the potential of your partner planning something else because they know of the getaway, just not what the destination is. 


It also avoids details like you having to request time off for them or pre-packing a suitcase — letting them in on the getaway just makes things easier for everyone!  


Check the dates with your partner before you book.


While letting them in on the surprise may not be as romantic as you wanted it to be, it’s practical, and your partner will appreciate that. You may not even have to spoil the surprise, you could just ask them if they’re available for certain dates. The last thing you want is to book dates and not have them work for the other person, so always coordinate dates. 


Use a personal bank account.


It’s the little details like using a personal credit card that’s going to keep this surprise getaway an actual surprise. This way your partner won’t look at the shared account and see charges for where you’re going. 


Don’t unintentionally spoil the destination and remember these small details. 


Plan activities that your partner will enjoy. 


Since the two of you aren’t planning this getaway together, you’ll really have to think about what they would want to do. If they’re afraid of heights, rock climbing may not be the adventure to plan, but are they a foodie? A tour of wineries or local restaurants may be more their speed. 


Because of its location, Silver City Mountain Resort is the perfect place to plan outdoor activities such as hiking or biking. We’re close to Sequoia National Park, so the adventures are endless. 


Take a peek into what else you can do while you’re here:



Silver City Mountain Resort is also a place for you to just kick back and relax. With bluebird days, you can enjoy the simple things like diving into a new book on the porch with an afternoon nap mixed in or playing board games and drinking wine. 


The nighttime brings clear skies to stargaze and perfect bonfire weather! Cozy up and revel in the quiet. 



The Surprise Destination - Silver City Mountain Resort



Now all that’s left is the fun part — telling your partner the destination! Should you wait until you drive up to the cabin or the day before you travel? Whichever you choose, it’ll be so nice to get out and away from your daily routine. 


Start planning your surprise getaway today!


It’s time to start planning your surprise getaway at Silver City Mountain Resort! Peruse our lodging and find relaxing accommodations — we even have the High Sierra Romance Package that makes your stay even more special! 


For more information about our packages or to book your stay, connect with us today!